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BrandNet’s team of in-house designers have created striking designs for many Australian businesses and organisations. Having artists and design experts on staff as part of the BrandNet team means that we don’t have to contact third-party designers to work on your brief. An in-house design team allows for the flexibility needed to prioritise projects and ensure a timely and high quality outcome for your project. BrandNet’s designers are ready to work with you and your brand to ensure an outstanding creative outcome for your organisation.

Design Showcase: Poppy Mpressions

BrandNet has long-standing relationships with ex-service and charitable community organisations in Australia. These not-for-profit organisations rely on fundraising campaigns to generate funds for the valuable work they do in the community. For NFPs with military connections, fundraising drives centre on occasions of remembrance, such as Anzac Day and Remembrance Day. Successful fundraising campaigns require quality products that are desirable as well as evoking the sentiment of remembrance. BrandNet created the Poppy Mpressions range to capture the commemorative significance of military heritage and provide fundraisers with a range of fundraising products inspired by the iconic Flanders poppy. BrandNet designers collaborated with Australian artist Naomi Crowther to conceptualise an exclusive product range, based on her unique artistic interpretations of poppies in bloom. The result is a stylish and tasteful range of lifestyle products that captures the spirit of remembrance and gives fundraisers an appropriate way to engage their communities during fundraising.

Design Showcase: Fifth Generation Air Force

BrandNet partnered with the Royal Australian Air Force during the 2019 Avalon International Airshow. Part of BrandNet’s brief for this landmark event was to create a range of merchandising products showcasing the RAAF’s latest acquisition, the F-35A fighter, and to market the RAAF as the world’s first ‘fifth-generation air force’. The BrandNet design team developed a suite of product options and variations for the RAAF including collectible, commemorative and lifestyle products. The design focused on incorporating both Air Force’s future-forward orientation and its 98 year-long heritage as an aerial fighting force. The outcome is a range of products that capture the thrill and excitement of modern combat aviation through dynamic stylised interpretations of the F-35A, whilst showcasing the RAAF’s intergenerational trajectory of development as a leader in the age of jet aircraft by including historical references. A design palette of subdued blue and mechatronic grey accentuates the utilitarian purposefulness of the RAAF as a fighting force, while at the same time evoking the sea and air dimensions of the Air Force’s operational domain.