Our Brands

Medals of Australia™

Medals of Australia™ understands the significance of honouring service and cherishes the opportunity to provide you with a personal service to recognise you and your families' accomplishments. Their replica medals and medal mounting services are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, guaranteeing the finest quality and authenticity, an heirloom for future generations. Medals of Australia™ specialises in military, police and emergency service medals.


Our unique MagnaRack™ system has been designed to make wearing your medals simple. The specially designed medal mounting bars and affixing magnets make putting your medals on and taking them off a breeze. And even better, because you don't need to use a pin, your expensive outfits won't be damaged.


The stunning MagnaBadge™ collection commemorates our service men & women.

The unique MagnaBadge™ design means you won't damage delicate fabrics. These badges easily attach to your lapel or clothing using the magnet at the back.

When not worn, MagnaBadge™ can be used as a fridge magnet or displayed on the available MagnaBadge™ display stand.

Each MagnaBadge™ is a limited release.

Master Creations™

Quality and superlative craftsmanship are the guiding principles behind Master Creations™. Specialising in the design and manufacturing of premium commemorative medallions, jewellery, figurines and collectible teddy bears, Master Creations captures the Australian Spirit in every beautiful piece.


An innovative new way to cherish your most precious memories. Forget expensive shadow-box framing that costs a fortune. The FRAM3D™ object frame system can be used to display a huge number of three-dimensional objects, souvenirs or mementos. FRAM3D™ object display frames turn your keepsakes into works of art.

Sands of Gallipoli™

Keep the Spirit of our Anzacs alive. Treasure a part of their legacy. The Sands of Gallipoli™ range shares the bonds of courage and mateship that made a nation. Let us guard this hallowed ground.

Contact Gear Australia™

Contact Gear supplies military, law enforcement, emergency services and government agencies with high quality products at competitive prices. Using our expertise in product development, procurement and distribution, Contact Gear™ is the answer to your specialised field gear and tactical equipment needs.

Poppy Mpressions™

Inspired by the stirring artworks of Australian artists Adriana Seserko and Naomi Crowther, the Poppy Mpressions™ collection focuses on Remembrance-inspired lifestyle products that emphasise beauty and practicality.

Poppy Recollections

Combining Australian design with burnished gold, silver and deep crimson enamel finishes, the Poppy Recollections jewellery collection is inspired by the enduring values of Respect and Remembrance.

Little Aussie Bears™

True Australian treasures. Little Aussie Bears™ are bean-filled bundles of fun that pay tribute to Australian service people. Twelve different Little Aussie Bears each wear a different Australian uniform – a delightful dozen!