The BrandNet Group

The BrandNet Group has a wealth of expertise across businesses. We operate online stores on behalf of defence organisations. We also offer our specialised brand merchandising services in Canberra to small and large businesses as well as the government. Get in touch with us to know how can we help you?

Navy Shop

Navy Shop offers serving personnel and members of the public access to Australia’s widest range of RAN products. We provide commemorative items for commissioning and decommissioning ceremonies, as well as milestone RAN events such as the International Fleet Review. We are approved by Navy to reproduce insignia and will work with you to ensure your product meets Navy’s exacting standards.

Army Shop

BrandNet operates Army Shop under an Intellectual Property Deed with the Commonwealth of Australia. Army Shop stocks a wide variety of products that celebrates Army, past and present: gifts, graduation & farewell presents, uniform items, field gear, medals and more. We have supported milestone events like the Centenary of Army and various Corps anniversary celebrations.

Air Force Shop

BrandNet operates Air Force Shop on behalf of the Royal Australian Air Force. Air Force Shop is a one-stop-shop for RAAF branded products. We work closely with Air Force to ensure that the public and serving personnel have access to quality RAAF merchandise, and we support the Air Force at major public events like the Avalon International Airshow.

Military Shop

Military Shop is Australia’s first choice for military products – from Australian Defence Force uniform items to field gear and military collectibles. Military Shop has been trusted by members of the ADF and first responders for almost 30 years. Military Shop is very proud to support thousands of veteran organisations raise millions of dollars for their charities and have engaged millions of people in sharing our nation’s proud military history through our products and collections. The Military Shop showroom is located in Canberra.

Brand Pro

Brand Pro’s in-house design and marketing teams have created award-winning marketing campaigns that have opened new doors for organisations, large and small. We don't take risks with your brand - Brand Pro knows what works and how to align promotional products with your marketing objectives to achieve great results!

Medals of Australia

At Medals of Australia, we understand the significance of honouring service and cherish the opportunity to provide a personal service. Our replica medals and medal mounting services are crafted with meticulous attention to detail. We specialise in military, police and emergency service medals.

Australia in the Great War

During the Great War more than 416,000 Australians enlisted and more than 330,000 fought on foreign battlefields in Europe and the Middle East - every one of them was a volunteer. Australia in the Great War (AGW) is dedicated to keeping our nation’s First World War history alive by enabling every Australian to own a part of this heritage.

Master Creations

Quality and superlative craftsmanship are the guiding principles behind Master Creations. Specialising in the design and manufacturing of premium commemorative medallions, jewellery, figurines and collectible teddy bears, Master Creations captures the Australian Spirit in every beautiful piece.


BrandZ is focussed on creating retail opportunities for your business. Our product range is developed to capitalise on market trends and interests, from tried and trusted favourite new innovations. BrandZ is more than a supplier – we’re your retail partner.

Diggers Tribute

Diggers Tribute is a site dedicated to supporting Australian veterans and military history. Originally launched in 2016 as part of younger veteran support program during the Anzac Centenary, it is now reserved to support special community events. In response to the COVID-19 emergency, the site was launched to support veteran charities that couldn't fundraise in the lead-up to Anzac Day.