AAFC 80th Anniversary

Our Aim

Offer our Australian Air Force Cadets a beautiful range of products to help them celebrate the 80th Anniversary of AAFC and raise awareness of this great program, its history, and where it seeks to go into the future.

The Context

In 2021, the Australian Air Force Cadets celebrated 80 years of operation. Since 1941 the AAFC has been a youth-oriented organisation administered and actively supported by the Royal Australian Air Force. Teaching valuable life skills and helping to develop qualities of leadership, self-reliance, teamwork, confidence, and communication, BrandNet worked closely with AAFC through the Air Force Shop to create a wide range of commemorative and practical items to help commemorate this milestone.

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How We Made it Happen

Working with the Australian Air Force Cadets, we had a wonderful opportunity to create a range of products and activations to help the AAFC community celebrate an exciting anniversary. The creation of the range would also help to bring together the cadets, their families, and communities by providing accessible and beautiful collectables for them to cherish.

Our Community Activations

To further engage the AAFC community several activations and competitions were conducted to offer wonderful opportunities to win and work together to celebrate the 80th Anniversary. With the opportunity to win a Limited Edition A2 Jacket from July to September and the Nominate a Squadron competition, there were great chances for cadets and their community to get involved.

Our Nominate a Squadron campaign was particularly popular with cadets, their families, and communities given the opportunity to nominate their squadron for their chance to win 100 custom-designed medallions. The winning squadron was Squadron 704, whose medallion will be designed by BrandNet and unveiled in August 2022.

Supporting Work

To help further support the celebrations of the 80th Anniversary a dedicated landing page was created on our Air Force Shop to give easy access to cadets and their loved ones. Additionally, a dedicated monthly newsletter was created to inform the community of the latest updates, events, and offers.

The Product Range

From tie bar sets to medallions, stationery, bags, and apparel, the range of products created for the 80th Anniversary featured a broad selection, giving the AAFC community options to find items that they’ll treasure. The collection is a wonderful way for cadets to share the history and story of the AAFC with their friends and family.

Complimenting the 80th Anniversary collection is the extended range of Air Force Cadet clothing, gifts and rank slides, providing cadets with a one-stop-shop for getting important pieces they need and making it easy and accessible for cadets and their community to find what they are looking for.

The Outcome

We are proud to have created a wide range of beautiful products to help our cadets, their families, and the community remember this important milestone and continue to grow and strengthen this fantastic program. For the BrandNet team, it was a privilege to create products and outreach activities that spoke to this great community and helped them celebrate this milestone as they look ahead to the future as well.

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