Beersheba Centenary

Full gallop, with bayonets in hand

Our Aim

To create an evocative and historically accurate range of products commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Beersheba.

The Context

The charge of the 4th Light Horse Brigade at Beersheba on the afternoon of 31 October 1917 was a bold attack. 800 men of the 4th and 12th Light Horse regiments charged across open desert with bayonets in hand and flew over the Turk trenches. The charge captured Beersheba and opened the way to Jerusalem. It was a seminal moment in the Australian contribution during the First World War.

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How We Made it Happen

In creating the Charge of Beersheba range we had the opportunity to harness several of our most notable corporate strengths in pursuit of an excellent outcome. Our challenge was to create products that honoured the sacrifice of those who served during the Great War, and in particular the men who mounted the famous charge during the battle of Beersheba.

From Concept to Completion

Our experience and capability in manufacturing premium quality products formed the basis of our plan. Several suitable product categories were identified at various price points and applications. Our product design team then set about conceptualising, designing and mocking-up each product. A highlight of this phase of the project was the extensive photoshoot conducted in collaboration with the passionate reenactors of the 7th Light Horse Gundagai Troop.

The arresting images captured during this photoshoot would form the basis of the tremendously successful range of cold-cast bronze figurines, as well as most of the Charge at Beersheba commemorative range. It serves as an example of the extensive networks and deep relationships that BrandNet has developed over three decades, working with passionate Australians from all walks of life. Based on the images and product concepts produced by our design team, a master sculptor was commissioned to create three different pieces depicting the a trooper from the 4th Light Horse Brigade and his mount. These unique sculptures served as the basis for a production run of 5,000 cold-cast bronze figurines that have captured the Australian imagination: The Waler’s Mate, The Charge and Stand to Fight.

Remembering Beersheba for Generations to Come

Other product highlights in the Charge of Beersheba collection include three limited edition, proof quality silver-plated medallions; a set of two antique bronze medallions; lapel pins and collectables; and Giclee Limited Edition canvas prints of Ron and Jennifer Marshall’s depictions of the Australian Light Horse.

“I was pleased to provide my views on the accuracy of uniforms and equipment, I am very pleased with the resulting pieces and know that those of us who love both history and horses will appreciate the moment captured and the detail.”

— Phil Chalker National President of the Australian Light Horse Association
The Outcome

The Charge of Beersheba range of commemorative products honours the men and horses that rode into history on 31 October 1917. In particular, the three figurines have emerged as some of our most popular products. The figurines have been in constant demand since their release in 2017. Such is their appeal, that they have been featured on front page of the Innovations catalogue of the multinational Direct Group. For the BrandNet team, it was a privilege to create products that enable contemporary Australians to connect with our nation’s illustrious military heritage.

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