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Omni-channel strategies seamlessly integrate the various communication channels and customer touchpoints that your organisation uses to communicate with its customers. This approach uses your customers’ perspectives and interests to optimize the consistency of your marketing messages. By uniting the strengths of each communication channel, marketing teams can use omni-channel marketing to deliver a more consistent and effective brand message.

BrandNet’s marketing team creates omni-channel marketing and distribution campaigns that will provide customers with an integrated customer experience when engaging with your brand. Whether engaging online from a desktop or mobile device, telephonically, through a print catalogue or in a bricks-and-mortar store, BrandNet delivers a seamless experience.

If you’re thinking about your next marketing campaign, fundraising drive or product launch, let BrandNet deliver an integrated marketing and distribution plan for your organisation, including:

  • Product options
  • Marketing action plan
  • Sales strategy
  • Customer support capacity
  • Distribution infrastructure

Omni-channel masterclass: Australia in the Great War

BrandNet conceived the Australia in the Great War (AGW) campaign in 2014 to engage with the nation about Australia’s proud heritage of service. Coinciding with the Centenary of the Great War (2014-2018), AGW was a five-year, omni-channel campaign aimed at commemorating, educating and inspiring. The AGW project played a leading role during the 2014-2018 commemorative period through an interconnected program of activities that included:

Product design and development.

The BrandNet design and product development team created an extensive range of commemorative products and collectibles focusing on pivotal elements of Australia’s involvement in WWI. More than 200 exclusive products have been conceptualised, designed and manufactured through an entirely in-house supply chain.

Fundraising Support

In collaboration with our fundraising partners, the AGW commemorative product range included a comprehensive selection of fundraising products. These products were designed specifically to meet charitable and NFP fundraising needs. Fundraising sales were supported through our distribution centre and offered on a ‘sale or return’ basis to eligible fundraising partners. It is estimated that more than $2,000,000 worth of AGW products were sold by Australian fundraisers.

Awareness & Education

The AGW project included two sub-campaigns that aimed to preserve and promote Australia’s WWI history. The ground-breaking John Murray’s Great War Diary brought a personal account of service and sacrifice to thousands of Australians through collectible quarterly print instalments. John Murray’s Great War Diary has also been released as e-book and audiobook. The second sub-campaign, Bears to School, has been hugely successful in sharing Australia’s rich heritage of service with young children in schools across the nation. The project calls on businesses, organisations and members of the public to donate a uniformed teddy bear and educational materials to their local school. Hundreds of schools have received bear donations and the Bears to School project has been lauded by prominent Australians for its valuable contribution to keeping the Anzac Spirit alive.

Retail and Merchandising.

AGW was supported by a fully-fledged, dedicated e-commerce platform as well as bricks-and-mortar retail. Products were available in BrandNet’s own retail outlet, as well as through thousands of Australia Post outlets across the country. AGW merchandise appeared regularly in Australia Post catalogues during the campaign. BrandNet is also proud to partner with the Direct Group in distributing AGW products through its Innovations catalogue sales arm.