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Product Development & Manufacturing

When an off-the-shelf product doesn’t fit your needs, you can turn to BrandNet to deliver a customised product based on your specific requirements. As the custodian of your brand, you know what values and attributes you want to convey about your organisation. Customised products give you the flexibility and scope to realise your vision and fulfil your brand potential.

What sets BrandNet apart is the combination of both an extensive network of product suppliers and our own product manufacturing capabilities. This means that we can source suitable products from a wide range of suppliers at competitive price points, or use our own manufacturing expertise and infrastructure to create something entirely unique.

BrandNet has an in-house design team that will work with you to develop product concepts and mock-ups, while our product development team will ensure your product is sourced or manufactured exactly to your requirements.

Product Development Spotlight: Figurines

Through our Master Creations subsidiary, BrandNet designs and manufactures Australia’s widest range of cold-cast bronze figurines and statuettes. These pieces are widely collected by those with a connection to the military and also shared as awards and gifts. Each example is a detailed representation of the people who have worn the uniform of Australia's Navy, Army and Air Force.

Our product development team has collaborated with many clients over the last 30 years in creating bespoke figurines for special occasions. Highlights include the RACMP Pointsman Figurine for the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Royal Australian Corps of Military Police; the Nackeroos Figurine that was created for the Army’s North-West Mobile Force; and the TRG Figurine that was commissioned by the Australian Federal Police Tactical Response Group.

BrandNet uses a tried-and-trusted product development cycle to produce its cold-cast bronze figurines. Digital concepts are created based on our client’s instructions, after which in-depth research and consultations are conducted to ensure the accuracy of the subject matter. A comprehensive portfolio of reference photographs and guidelines are then handed over to our principal sculptor, who creates a master version of the figurine for approval before it enters final production. BrandNet has manufacturing capacity to produce many different sizes and patterns of cold-cast bronze figurines.

Product Development Spotlight: Medallions

Medallions, or coins as they are often referred to, are a great way to share pride in your brand and add cachet to your organisation. Whether it’s for gifting, an event, or as part of a commemoration, BrandNet is Australia’s leading creator of customised coins and medallions. For more than 30 years we’ve provided quality medallions for Governors General, the Chiefs of our military, the Australian Parliament and major public sector institutions, as well as thousands of military establishments, sporting clubs and government and law enforcement agencies. The BrandNet in-house design team works with you to create digital mock-ups based on your design preferences, while our product development specialists will guide you through the quoting, set-up and manufacturing stages. You can choose from an inspiring selection of quality finishing techniques, including 2D and 3D engraving, antique or polished surfaces, rich enamelled or printed colour accents, and specialty finishes such as diamond-cut edging.