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Community Campaign Development

Making your message resonate in your community requires a unique approach. BrandNet has experience in driving meaningful and successful community campaigns that engage audiences with themes that matter. Through our marketing, communications and branding expertise, BrandNet can help your organisation start a conversation in your community and be noticed.

The BrandNet Group is one of Australia's biggest private donors to military and service-linked charities. Over the years BrandNet has given thousands of hours in support of organisations dedicated to improving the lives of current and former serving members and their families, and has donated more than $1 million in direct funding. We have also helped thousands of veteran organisations raise millions of dollars for their charities and have engaged millions of people in sharing our nation’s proud military history.

Case Study: Australia in the Great War

For five years between 2014 and 2018, BrandNet’s Australia in the Great War (AGW) campaign brought our nation’s WWI history into the homes and hearts of thousands of Australians, while donating more than $400,000 to Soldier On. Read more about the Australia in the Great War campaign.

Part of the AGW campaign, the Great War Diary is a ground-breaking project that tells the remarkable story of Australia in the Great War in the words of a young soldier named John Murray. Researched and written by a team of leading Australian historians and writers, the Great War Diary shares the journey of Australia’s diggers during 1914-1918, from Gallipoli to the Western Front. The Great War Diary has been produced as an e-Book, audiobook and Collectible Diary in order to preserve the memory of WWI and share our history with all Australians.

Case Study: Bears To School

The Bears to School initiative aims to engage a new generation with Australia’s rich heritage of service in order to ensure that the Anzac Spirit endures. By donating a uniformed teddy bear and educational materials to your local school, you can play your part in keeping history alive.  Find out more about this remarkable campaign by visiting AnzacBears.com.au.

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