The Air Force Centenary

Commemorating 100 years of the Royal Australian Air Force.

Our Aim

To work closely with Air Force 2021 and other partners to create an incredible range to commemorate the Centenary of the Royal Australian Air Force and support the RAAF Heritage Restorations fund through merchandise sales.

The Context

The Centenary of the Royal Australian Air Force was marked on the 31st of March 2021 and commemorated 100 years of service to Australia through conflict and peacetime. The centenary year is the time to celebrate the success of the servicemen and women of the Air Force and the continued service and dedication of the RAAF to Australia. 

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How We Made it Happen

In supporting the Air Force Centenary, we have harnessed all of our strengths, coming together to create incredible products, campaigns, and artworks, all dedicated to commemorating the story of the Royal Australian Air Force from its humble beginnings and onwards into the future.  With our fantastic partners during the Air Force 2021 centenary commemorations, we have helped to create and promote a beautiful range of products. Stunning limited-edition watches, apparel, accessories, and more have been created to help supporters commemorate the Air Force Centenary.  Working with talented artists has brought to life a stunning collection of aviation artwork that has sensationally captured some of the Air Forces most beloved aircraft. These beautiful artworks have helped us to create unique items that customers and supporters love, helping them commemorate the Air Force Centenary with products they will treasure for a lifetime.  Alongside our other retail partners, our dedicated in-house team created a vast range of beautifully designed products, driving the process from concept to market with attention to accuracy and detail of the utmost importance at every step of the way. Our team worked to create an extensive array of items that spoke to the wide audience of those who love the Air Force. From children’s toys, face masks, and drinkware to incredible limited-edition medallions and beyond, it was important for our team to create beautiful ranges that customers of all different ages, backgrounds, and budgets could relate to. 

The Outcome:

From March 31, 2021, and onwards we have had the privilege of creating a wonderful range of items. We have set up and operated the Centenary of Air Force Official Online Shop and been privileged to work as a retail partner of Air Force 2021.

The Official Online Shop

The operation and fulfilment of the Official Online Shop for the Air Force Centenary has been one of the most beautiful and important outcomes during our campaign. Creating a sensational storefront with a strong user focus, vibrant presentation, and a wide range of products has brought to life one of the most important touchpoints for the audience of the campaign. This beautiful online storefront made supporting the Air Force Centenary and restoration projects easy for customers and supporters.

Commissioned Artworks

The engagement of South Australian artist Drew Harrison has been one of the triumphs of the Air Force 100 campaign. Beginning with a commission for the landmark painting ‘Then. Now. Always. Centenary of the Royal Australian Air Force Artwork', Drew went on to create a stunning 12 further paintings for the centenary year. Featuring a wide array of iconic aircraft from the past 100 years, the sensational artworks created by Drew will live on beyond this campaign in museums, military messes, in homes, and at the RAAF headquarters in Canberra. 

Centenary of The Royal Australian Airforce Artwork
Series 1
Series 2 Iconic Collection
Limited Edition Collections

A major achievement for the campaign was the creation of limited-edition collections and the development of items with a point of difference that customers can collect, cherish, and pass on to loved ones. We designed a wide range of limited-edition collections that encompass a range of collecting interests. From proof-quality medallion sets to limited edition lapel pins, and artworks, we created limited edition items for every customer and supporter. Beginning with the Air Force 100 Limited Edition Medallions, the first six proof-quality medallions were minted with just 1,000 of each medallion struck. Every medallion became a beautiful piece to commemorate the centenary now and into the future.

The Limited-Edition Wings Lapel Pins are a highlight for collectors, with six unique pins commemorating the past 100 years of Air Force. With beautiful details and limited-edition numbers laser engraved on the reverse, these pins are sensational as a collection or on their own.

Limited Edition Collection Image

Our Iconic Aviation Collection is a wonderful group of sets created using the highly detailed artwork from leading military aviation artist Drew Harrison. A collection featuring six of the most iconic aircraft for the RAAF over the past 100 years, this unique collection features limited-edition drink coolers and coffee mug sets for the first time, a great steppingstone for collectors looking for something different.

Iconic Aviation Collection Image

The sensational Then. Now. Always. Collection, released in November 2021, is beautifully inspired by the masterpiece of the same name from Drew Harrison. The vibrant piece captures 40 aircraft that have flown with the Air Force over the past 100 years, and the subsequent collection has been a beautiful triumph in creating a limited-edition collection with something for everyone. From coffee mug sets to limited edition medallions, this collection brought a beautiful piece of art and commemoration into homes, offices, and hearts. 

Then. Now. Always. Collection Image

We are proud to have served as a retail partner as part of the Air Force 2021 and continue to be honoured by our close relationship with the Royal Australian Air Force, through our continued ownership and operation of The Air Force Shop.

Preserving History

As a retail partner of Air Force 2021, all products created for the Air Force Centenary by BrandNet, the operator of the Air Force Shop, saw a portion of their sales contribute to the RAAF Heritage Restorations fund, preserving history for years to come through projects and education. Alongside our fellow retail partners, we are proud to have helped contribute a total of $138,796 to the fund through merchandise sales. The funds raised will help preserve the history of RAAF for years to come and ensure future generations can learn and see the past through beautiful restorations.

For the BrandNet team, it has been a privilege to create products, collaborate, and help preserve history throughout the centenary year. Bringing Australians closer to the history of the Royal Australian Air Force and helping them look ahead to the future has been an opportunity we will cherish. The Air Force 2021 project continues until March 31, 2022, with more activities to be held at the beginning of the year, and we look forward to continuing to support these activities.

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